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We All Fall Down

Vulnerability. Shame.  Fear.  Failure.  Disappointment.  Heartbreak.

We have ALL experienced it. If you are alive, you have felt it.  If you are alive, you have been through it.

This does NOT mean you are weak or frail or insignificant. Just the opposite!!!

It means you have LIVED. It means you have LOVED.  It means you have TRIED.  It means you have DREAMED.


Brene Brown says that this is how you measure COURAGE. Courage does NOT belong to those who hide behind the veil of perfectionism.  Courage does NOT belong to those who seek out the easiest path to success.  And courage does NOT belong to those who refuse to ask for help.

Courage is for those who FAIL, who FALL, who TRY, who NEVER give up, who keep FIGHTING, who keep DREAMING.

We all fall down…We all fail…but the question is, then…do we all get back up and TRY AGAIN?

Successful people do. Successful people NEVER give up, NEVER stop fighting, NEVER let others tell them they can’t…no matter how many times they fall down…no matter how many scrapes and bruises they accumulate falling, they get back up.

And…they try AGAIN.

It is easy to stay down when you’re defeated. It’s easy to hide under the covers when you’re sad.   We all want to do it.  I want to do it!!!

But, here’s the thing…successful people ALWAYS get back up. Even if they have to hobble.  Even if they have to limp or stumble or ask for help…they get back up…they show up…and they never, ever give up.

They choose to do the hard thing. They choose to do what others will not.

girl hiding

For many, many years, I chose the easy route. The hide-under-the-covers route.  The coward’s route.  I couldn’t face it.  Any of it.

I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror. I didn’t like who I was.  I didn’t like who I was with.  I didn’t like how others treated me.  I didn’t like how I treated myself.  I didn’t like how I felt on the inside.

BUT I didn’t do anything about it either.

I didn’t know how. I didn’t know what to do.

So, instead of reaching out, I hid. I hid behind my forced smile.  I hid behind my makeup and fancy clothes.  I hid from myself, from my friends, from my family…I didn’t let them see the REAL me.  I didn’t have the confidence.  I was too scared.

Gradually, as I got older, I started to care less about what others thought and started to care more about what I thought.

And then…I started coaching…I started helping other reach their health and fitness goals while working on mine and everything changed…my confidence, my body, my self-esteem, how I felt about myself, how I felt about others, how I interacted with my kids…all of it.

I started paying attention to me, to what I needed so I could then give others what they needed.

Now, when I fail, I get back up and I tell myself “It’s okay. Try again.”  Now, when I don’t reach my goals I say, “It’s okay.  You did your best.  Let’s start over and try again.”

And the thing is, I know it really will be okay. Maybe not right now.  Maybe not right at that moment or even a few days later…but it will be…eventually…because I am stronger than I ever knew.  I am more capable than I ever knew.  I am more wonderful, just as I am, than I ever knew.

pic of me


I rather fall, and fall, and fall some more then stay underneath the covers. I rather show up, every day, live my life, wear the cuts and scrapes as battle scars and keep on fighting because every day truly is a blessing.  And without those falls, you haven’t really lived.


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