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Taco Tuesday!

I’ve always prided myself on eating relatively healthy and cooking healthy.  I would have the occasional treat or every now and then, hit up the closest fast food joint on the way home from work because I was too tired to cook.

me and pat killeen fat

I can remember specific moments… like a few years ago when a couple of friends and I had too much wine, decided to order a fully loaded pizza at midnight (I recall it was actually my idea) and ate the entire thing then proceeded to get sick the following morning or the time when I baked an entire 8×8 chocolate cake (the kind that comes in powder form from a box *gasp*) and ate the whole thing after everyone went to bed because I NEEDED some chocolate in a serious way.

I have always been health conscious, but not necessarily a health freak…but now I’m all about letting my freak flag fly because I LOVE this stuff! I LOVE how it makes me feel and I LOVE sharing it with others because I want them to feel as good as I do!

Anyway…back to the point:  Taco Tuesday…

My husband and I lived in Killeen, Texas for a few years when we first got married.  If you’ve ever been to Killeen than you’ll know there are A LOT of fast food places and we gave our fair share of business to most of them.

rosas tacos

A fast food Mexican restaurant called Rosa’s offered taco plates on Tuesdays for $3.99 each.  This plate came with three tacos, rice, refried beans and some extra tortillas.  Now these tortillas were made fresh daily.  And they were soft and fluffy and delicious!   I believe it also came with chips and salsa.

This was a deal!  I couldn’t cook for cheaper than that!  I worked on base as an alcohol and drug counselor for Soldiers and when I got off work, I would stop there on my way home (fortunately or unfortunately, it was about 5 minutes from our apartment) and pick up two steaming plates piled high with hot, greasy Mexican food.

This happened every…single…Tuesday for months and months!


We also ordered stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut every…single…Sunday.  It has been years, at least 5, since I ordered anything from either one of those places!  And, although at the time, I thought these things were delicious and I thought it wasn’t a big deal because we only did that twice a week and I cooked healthy the rest of the week, now thinking about it makes my stomach turn.

I was also about 10 lbs heavier, didn’t have as much energy even though I was younger ( we won’t talk about how much younger) and didn’t feel as good as I do right NOW!

However, in honor of our long lost Taco Tuesdays, because it was kind of a fun, albeit an unhealthy, tradition, I’ve decided to revive it…with a twist!

Of course, I still eat tacos…but not in their traditional form, so to speak.  I’ll have a taco salad, or taco meat baked in half of an acorn squash or taco meat wrapped in lettuce…that kind of thing.  I’m sure you get the picture.

change mind change body

Now that I do a healthy re-vamp of most of our favorites, I’m going to share my favorite recipes, healthified of course, with you every Tuesday!

What you can expect for Taco Tuesday:  One healthy recipe, every Tuesday, posted on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page!

I know you’re excited…because I am too!

You aren’t going to want to miss this!  AND you aren’t going to want to forget to share this link and all the other recipes to follow, on your own personal social media pages…because it’s going to be  awesome!!




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