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It Starts with Me

I am moving into my last few days of Whole 30 – today is Day 28!!!!  Even though this is my third time doing it, this is the first time I have read the book “It Starts with Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  (The link to buy it is at the end of this blog or you can also get it at the library.)


The basic premise is that many of your physical AND mental ailments can be alleviated by REAL, WHOLE foods.  Nothing processed.  Nothing with dyes, preservatives, added chemicals, etc.

It’s simple really.  What you put into your body affects every part of your body – from your emotions to your hormones to your mood to your organs to your blood to your microscopic cells.

It makes sense, then, that it starts with food – with what you choose to put into your mouth.  It starts with that very first bite.

The previous  two times I did the Whole 30 it was for the challenge…for the thrill of completing that last day…for the mental strength it took to say no to the birthday cake at parties, the buttery bread rolls at the restaurants and the Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks (“No thanks, just a black coffee for me.  And no, I don’t need room for cream”).

But I’ll be honest with you, that wasn’t the reason I did it this time.  This time, I did it because moving across an ocean, to Germany, has really kicked my butt.  I started eating junk.  I mean, like serious junk – cookies, muffins, bagels, crackers…that kind of thing.

I also dropped my exercise routine – ya know, the one where I was working out 6 days a week and feeling SUPER good – strong and confident.

I knew that eating that crap was making me feel like, well….crap….but it was super hard to stop.  I also knew that not exercising was making me feel like crap.

I needed a really good kick in the pants.  I needed to get my act together – to find my energy again, my motivation, my WHY.  I needed my mood to improve and FAST because taking care of three little kids by myself in a foreign country while my husband travels every month is NO joke.

And…there it is…my WHY – it’s my kids…it’s my husband…it’s my family.

So, you see?  It starts with ME.


whole 30 me

If I want things to change, I have to be the one to do it.

And thus…I started the Whole 30…yet again…because I know that it does all of those things – boosts your mood, your energy, helps you sleep and cleans out your system.  (Losing the last few pounds of the baby weight was just an added bonus)

Just as it starts with ME, it also starts with YOU.

What do YOU need to change?

What do YOU need to do to help yourself?  To be the best version of YOU that you can be?

It starts with ME…and now I want it to start with YOU.

I am going to provide you with some links where you can get more information AND I am going to include a few of my favorite Whole 30 recipes  BUT first –  I’d like to ask you to SHARE this blog post and comment on it!  I want to hear from you!

Links for more information:

The Whole30® Program

My Favorite Recipes:

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