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Go Take a Walk

Did you know….Walking is good for the body, mind AND soul?  If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time than you’ll know that this is something that is HUGELY important to me!!!  TOTAL health and wellness includes a healthy mind, body and soul!!!

walk as if

I LOVE walking – I have a lot of fond memories growing up of going on walks with my family.  When I think about those walks, a little happiness bubbles in my tummy.  I remember the way the sun felt on my skin, the pavement felt beneath my feet and the enjoyment I got from being with my parents, and often, my sister.

There was a certain route we usually took and we called it the 3 mile loop.  I can’t remember what we talked about but I can remember how it felt to be out there, to look at the trees blowing in the breeze and to watch the ducks paddle across the lake.  Even now, when I think about it, a sense of calm and peace washes over me.

I still get that feeling when I go for walks today.  I love taking my kids for walks.  If our destination is within walking distance, you better believe we are pounding the pavement instead of hopping in the car.  Being in the sunshine, getting the blood pumping and burning a few extra calories?  YES PLEASE!!!

me walking

There is something about the breeze on my face and the fresh air in my lungs that boosts my spirits…and…apparently…I’m not the only one that feels this way.  There are MANY benefits to walking for exercise and/or enjoyment…here are 12 of them:

  1. Reduces stress.
  2. Releases endorphins or the “happy chemicals”.  I often recommend to my clients who are suffering from depression to get out and go for a walk!
  3. Boosts self-esteem!!!!  Did you know that exercising improves your perception of yourself and how attractive you are?
  4. Gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors – exercising outdoors can actually boost self-esteem more
  5. Prevents cognitive decline (aka helps prevent memory loss)
  6. Alleviates anxiety
  7. Increases brain power – cardiovascular exercise produces new brain cells
  8. Boosts memory and your ability to learn new things!
  9. Helps combat addiction because exercises releases dopamine – the reward chemical in the brain
  10. Helps you sleep better
  11. Increases overall energy and productivity at work
  12. Boosts creativity (I know I get a lot of GREAT – if I do say so myself – ideas while walking)

So…grab a buddy…and get out there!!!!  Walk, run, bike, DO SOMETHING…just make sure you GET UP AND MOVE!!

I want to hear from you!!!!  Tell me what kind of exercise you like to do and what benefits you have found from exercising!!!  Share this post with others and inspire them to workout with you!!!

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